BAC Mono ice testing

03/21/2017 02:19:24
BAC Mono ice testing
We guess there’s no way you’d like to use track toys like BAC Mono on snow and ice, but if you want to know what it really can do, you need to check it at least once.

We guess there’s no way you’d like to use track toys like BAC Mono on snow and ice, but if you want to know what it really can do, you need to check it at least once. Nothing else can show you its real power. This is how you check the car’s versatility, you take it to the frozen lake of Are in West Sweden and let it loose on the slippery surface. Turns out it’s a lot more fun than driving on tarmac. 


The three BAC Mono dispatched to Are all performed magnificently on ice and provided the participants in this inaugural Ice Driving Experience with a helluva good time. Apart from anything else, though, the Mono looked properly awesome going sideways on ice with a white roostertail coming out of its back. That alone was worth all the effort the Briggs Automotive Company, which is small Liverpool-based company, put into the thing.



BAC Co-Founder and Director of Product Development, Neill Briggs, said: “The first Mono Experience trip was an overwhelming success. Our clients are considered our friends, and we are so happy that they became part of a very exclusive club of Mono drivers to have hit the ice. Spirits were high for the duration of the trip and we’re very excited for the next phase of giving back to our loyal customers.”


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